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George Melashvili

George Melashvili is a Georgian public figure and scholar specializing in political science and East Asian studies, is the founder and President of the Europe-Georgia Institute, a hybrid non-governmental organization based in Georgia. Since its inception in September 2016, the Europe-Georgia Institute has evolved into one of Georgia’s leading civil society organizations and has become a member of the European Liberal Forum. Melashvili is also the founder the annual Black Sea Security conference, which focuses on international security policy related to the Black Sea region. He serves as an invited lecturer on international relations theory at the Free University of Tbilisi and East Asian studies at the University of Georgia and is the author of “Korea: Success story – lessons for Georgia”, the first book about Korea in Georgian. Melashvili is also a fellow in the German Marshall Fund’s Policy Designers Network and in April 2021, he was named one of 10 SI Changemakers by the Swedish Institute among over 15,000 alumni. He is also a member of the International Studies Association (ISA), an elected Ambassador of the European Democracy Youth Network (EDYN), and an elected member of the board of International Republican Institute’s Generation Democracy (GenDem) Network.

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