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რეცენზიის სტრუქტურა

  1. მოკლედ (ერთი აბზაცი) ჩამოაყალიბედ განსახილველი ნაშრომის ძირითადი თემა. რაზე წერს ავტორი? რას განიხილავს?
  2. რა არის ნაშრომის თეზისი, ძირითადი საკითხი, ან მთავარი სათქმელი?
  3. What is the subject/topic of the work? What key ideas do you think you should describe in your review?
    What is the thesis, main theme, or main point?
    What major claims or conclusions does the author make? What issues does the work illuminate?
    What is the structure of the work? How does the author build their argument?
    What sources does the author consult? What evidence is used to support claims? Do these sources in any way “predetermine” certain conclusions?
    Is there any claim for which the evidence presented is insufficient or slight? Do any conclusions rest on evidence that may be atypical?
    How is the argument developed? How do the claims relate? What does the conclusion reveal?

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